What Do We Want? PRIVATE WORK!

How Do We Get It? MARKETING!

private work formula

How do you get more private work that's close to home?  Consistent marketing is the solution. The appraisal business with any small business, requires a system to acquire and retain customers. We've all heard the phrase, "Location, Location, Location" and we all know how important that is to real estate. Now think- "Marketing, Marketing, Marketing" it's as equally important to your appraisal business. The problem is, marketing on a regular basis can be a real challenge for many appraisers as they are usually working 10-12 hour days doing all the appraisal work.

I’ve tried every method of marketing in the past 15 years. I’ve learned that marketing is an investment that will keep you and your business well-balanced. It's also very difficult to remain consistent in your marketing efforts. The system is the solution.

Having inconsistent and fluctuating income can be very stressful! Marketing on a schedule can provide you with reliable income. Scheduling time and spending money on the marketing for your appraisal business is well worth the investment. If you dedicate 3-5 hours per week and allocate 10% of your earnings into your marketing campaign, you will have consistent income that you can depend on.

By using Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, direct mail, and other marketing channels, you can attract plenty of private work. I’ve used them all and I’ll show you what marketing tools have been most effective for my Real Estate Appraisal business. I've learned some very brutal and costly lessons over the years when I was trying to get the marketing part right.

I’ve created a complete Appraiser Marketing Course- The Private Work Formula.

In this course, I'll show you the best places to spend your marketing dollars. Some have a higher return on investment than others. Diversifying your marketing efforts will help you to diversify your client base. I’ll also show you where to find the best appraisal management companies, credit unions, attorneys, directories, etc.

I'll teach you how to send a targeted message to homeowners that may be in need of an appraisal. Now, with Facebook marketing, you can get your message in front of people with a specific interest or people who have searched keywords relevant to our services.

For example, I place my divorce services page in the Facebook feed of people who have searched terms relevant to divorce within 10 miles of me. In my course, I show you my Facebook campaigns that were most effective and I'll walk you through how to set up an effective Facebook campaign for yourself.

Also, in my Private Work Formula Course, I’ll show you a very effective direct mail campaign that targets FSBO sellers. This one marketing technique can generate up to 100 appraisals per year. I wish I had someone show me this information when I started! This course can save you a lot of time and money! I’ll show you everything that has worked for me to get full fee and private work.

You can learn all about my Private Work Formula course HERE.