Mike’s Workflow Blueprint

My Streamlined Workflow Can Save Any Appraiser 1 Hour Per Day!

Mikes Blueprint Appraisers

I was showing Appraisers how to go paperless and do mobile appraising on YouTube in 2011. Since then, I've continued to update my workflow and tools.
In this course, you'll learn how to implement the latest technology and increase your productivity in the office and in the field. In my Workflow Blueprint Course, I'll show you all the resources and tools I use and where to find them. In this training, you’ll literally look over my shoulder as I go through my daily workflow. The streamlined system I teach you will save you 1 hour per day!
This course will save you a lot of time, effort and money by avoiding all the costly mistakes I've made over the years.

This step-by-step training covers in depth mobile appraising and tutorials on:

  • Structuring and Organizing your work files
  • Laser measuring in all situations- Sunlight, Curves, Angles, Targets, Etc.
  • Smart Phones and/or Tablets that are best in the field
  • How to make your office 100% paperless
  • Setting up a multi-monitor workstation
  • Using voice recognition to type addendums FAST!

And MANY other time-saving techniques!

My Workflow Blueprint course is guaranteed to save you one hour per day!
Some appraisers are not organized and not working efficiently. With all the advances made in the tools and technology available to appraisers, it's hard to watch appraisers working as they did 15 years ago. After taking my workflow course, you will be much more efficient. Implementing my workflow will reduce your workday by at least one hour.

I guarantee it!
My offer is risk-free and it's very simple. After finishing my course, if you don't feel like you've increased your production enough to save 1 hour per day, I will refund the full amount you paid for the course. To qualify for a refund, you must complete the following 3 steps:

  1. You took action and used the tools I recommended.
  2. You applied the strategies and the formula in the order I suggested.
  3. Your workflow efficiency was not improved enough to save one hour per day.

Email me at mike@appraisertrainer.com
I don't want to waste anyone's time. I believe this training will save you 1-hour per day. If it doesn't deliver on that promise- you get a full refund.